Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Holy Shits

So yeah. It's been like a month since my last post. Sorry ya'll. I've been so damned busy, and I'm not even confident that I'm up to date on things with school. Ugh.

But things are good. Well, actually I'm just getting over a brutal cold/flu thing which had me miss work and school for a couple days. But on the plus side I got to play some Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, watch some Buffy, and not die during the downtime.

Work continues to be awesome. There isn't a single thing I'd complain about in fact. I was working 5 days a week and going to school 2 for a while, which was kind of bananas, but when I told the management I'd like to change down to 3-4 shifts a week, they were cool with it. This past weekend we did cosmic bowling as a large, CD Warehouse Ottawa event. Sure there are only 3 stores, and the event was like 80% people from the Kanata store, but whatevs. It was a blast, and I'll post some pics I stole from someones Facebook at the bottom. Afterwards a couple of my good friends/employees and I went to hang out for a while, which was also great. Yay new friends.

School is going alright I suppose. Though I seriously lack drive. I honestly can't tell what the problem is either. I don't know if it's because it's just not interesting material (it is all first year background, general info after all), or if it's because I have more interesting things to do as well (ie. work), or if it's because I have so much to do (work and 3 courses is a lot for me, having done NOTHING the last 3 years) that I can't fully focus on it. Suffice it to say, I feel like I'm falling behind, but I realize that whatever the reason for that is, I need to just suck it up and do some serious reading/studying.

Everything else is great too. Chelsea and I had our one year anniversary dinner the other night which was good. Mike and his GF are coming down for Thanksgiving. And yeah, that's about it. Here are some pics, and a video I recorded not too long ago. I'm trying out the slide (a almost finger lengthed solid object, either made of brass or glass usually) these days. Earlier on, I was at a loss for things to learn, so I picked my favourite slide song, Statesboro Blues, recorded by the Allman Brothers. Thing is, Duane Allman (now deceased unfortunately) is probably in the top 5 best slide players ever. So, not the best place to start, but I figured why not. Most of the video is alright, minus the final high section of the solo which is brutal. The frets are so damned tiny down there, that any minute movement of the slide on the strings changes the pitch fairly drastically, and I can never seem to get it to sound perfect (plus I legitimately hit a wrong note or two), so for now you can hear this butchered version. My apologies to Duane. Also, I'll be re-doing it soon so I can splice in the second solo, which is a differently tuned guitar, and not on the slide. It's what I learned first, but it's a pain to edit these videos (using windows movie maker that is) so I left it for when I have more time.

So this is me, and some team mates, and I am currently eating pizza in the shot.

Here is my perfect bowling form.

And here we are getting ready to leave. The tall gentlemen and the brunette beside him are the people I hung out with afterwards. And yes, some people may or may not have been drinking, and that may or may not have turned things into a dance and sing party/bowling session.

Video Time

EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just realized the audio and video is ridiculously out of sync on this thing. It looks fine on my computer, but brutal here. I'll try and fix it tomorrow. Feel free to watch the video anyways and listen to the audio I guess. If anything I'll upload it to photobucket and maybe that'll fix things. Stupid blogger.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Currently Employed

So, much has changed since I last update. Well kinda anyways.

I went back for a second interview with CD Warehouse, this time with the owner. It went really well, although some of the questions were kind of personal and awkward, like 'why did it take you so long to go back to school', 'what reasons do you have for taking so much time off'. Anyways, I handled them all fairly well, and about a week and a bit ago I got a call saying I had the job.

So far I've had three shifts there (all last week), and I love it as much as I thought I would. The people working there are great, though I already knew about half of them fairly well, and the tasks are so numerous and (for me) interesting, that there's never really any down time, or time for me to get bored and then anxious.

We'll see how things go come September when I continue working and also start up at Carleton again, but I'm thinking it'll be fine. Especially since it's still first year courses, and although I'm taking three in the Fall/Winter, I'm only in school 2 days a week. So I'll have lots of spare time to both work, and do school work. Considering that the staff is almost entirely young adults like myself, I'm sure the schedule makers are accomadating.

It was also my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary on the 15th, and we had a big party here, and I'll post some pictures soon. It was a real blast, and there were about 42 people here, all close friends and family. There were skits, songs, dancing, drinks, speeches, etc.

Unfortunately the Aerosmith concert I was to attend in the beginning of September was cancelled due to Steven Tyler falling off the stage (which you can see here). So, that was a bummer, but I got the money back and spent it on a PS2 slim since our old one is practically dead and I miss my old PS1 games, and the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series. I'm also going to pick up Batman: Arkham Asylum tomorrow, which looks fucking badass (and is according to the short demo I played).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Job Interview and Musical Selections

So the crisis is over. Thanks to those who offered advice.

This weekend Mike was down to help plan our parents Anniversary which is on the 15th. It'll be a big fun party, and Chelsea and I are playing and singing, respectively, The Rose by Bette Midler, and Mike and I will be giving speeches. Currently I have no idea what I'm going to write about.

A couple of weeks ago during my weekly visit to CD Warehouse, one of the staffers I know well came up to me and told me they were hiring and that they weren't interested in looking through tons of resumes so I should bring one in and give it to him. I told him I'd handed one earlier in the summer, so we looked for it and found it and he told me he'd do what he could with it. So on Monday I got a call for an interview for Tuesday at 5.

Yesterday was the interview and it went really well. I was fairly nervous going in, as I tend to get, especially since I wasn't too familiar with the person who would be interviewing me. But he was really friendly and a cool seeming guy, and everything went great. I don't think there were any answers that stumped me and I made sure to stress my interest in films (since they've got about 1/3 of the store dedicated to them) and my interest in popular music, but also blues and jazz. I also made sure to mention I ran Movie Experts by myself, and took initiative there with a couple of projects.

So basically I'm just waiting for a call back now. On the plus side it really couldn't have gone better and we had a great report, but you never know with these things really.

If I get the job, it'll mean I'm doing school and work part time, which is a first, and hell a large course load is also a first (3 in the fall, 4 in the winter), but if other people can do it so can I. And I do miss working and CD Warehouse is pretty much the perfect place for me.

I'll report back when I hear from them, which is hopefully soon.

I've also been listening to some old music I found here are some of my fave nostalgic tracks/bands;

The Darkness - Hazel Eyes
Ben Harper
Big Sugar
Brian Bromberg - September (a jazz instrumental of the Earth Wind and Fire song)
80s Bowie
Silvertide - California Rain
Spirit of the West
Spacehog - In the Meantime

Monday, July 27, 2009

Danger! Help Needed!

So I got into a bit of a fight with Chelsea today, relating, at first, to me going to school full time and her fears of me meeting someone more in line with my lifestyle and whatnot there. While trying to reassure her that that was not something I wanted, we sort of got into the debate about what our relationship means. My stance, having only been with her since November (and knowing her since October) is that I'm really glad we're together, I want her in my future yet I also have other things in my life, school and work, to occupy me and that need my focus. Since we're both young, and still have much of our lives left to live, who knows where the future will take us both, but that I hope things continue to go great.

Her response in a serious, but not angry tone was 'Well if you don't plan on staying with me, what's the point of this relationship?'. To which I responded with uhhhh

I mean, honestly, how the FUCK am I supposed to respond to that? I love the girl, I really do, but after being with her for less than a year, I'm not ready to start planning the rest of our lives together. Before meeting her, I thought, how could anyone be ready to after such a short period of time. It is nothing against her at all, I just can't predict the future. I'm not looking for someone else, I'm not counting her flaws and comparing them with other people, or wishing for certain things, I'm just taking it day by day, and hoping things continue to go well with us.

Any sort of hesitation or non-concrete answer regarding her and our future (and I mean, years from now future) and she gets upset.She doesn't do it in a jealous, or manipulative way mind you. It's just there's a history of infidelity in her family, and she is justifiably sensitive to and aware of the subject. I understand where she's coming from when she asks, and I get that she really loves/likes me, and it's comforting, and clearly better than the opposite, but I just don't know what's going to happen down the road, good or bad. And it doesn't cause me any overt stress, but it's starting to become bothersome.

It's honestly impossible to explain to someone that you love them, but that there's a chance we won't be together forever, especially since it's so early on. It's like, why bring up the point? But she keeps coming around to it, and then gets upset when I don't agree with her that our marriage and children will be wonderful. You know? I see where she's coming from (ie. aren't relationships meant to pick a mate for life), which is all fine and good, but I'm 22 and she's 20. It's not like we're running out of time. Where I am in my life is I want to do well in school, make some money working, and meet someone I enjoy spending time with. If it lasts, great, if it doesn't, that's too bad but we had fun, and we learned some things. Live and learn is definitely my motto with everything.

This whole rant seems negatively slanted, and yet I harbor no ill will towards her, or really the situation, I'm just really stuck in it currently. (ie. in the grand scheme of things I'll just go on the same way I have for this long) So in summation I love the girl. If we stay together, that's great, I couldn't ask for anymore from someone. And if we don't, at least we got to feel these things, and had a wonderful time together, but that's life.

So how do I get this across to someone who stubbornly (and foolishly I might add) has already made up their mind? Especially when opposition to their point of view bring disaster?

Any advice friends?

EDIT: You know what? I'm not mad at the situation or her, I'm mad that this is even an issue. There is no way in hell that we should even be thinking of such things at a) such a young age, and b) after being together for so long. There is no way in hell that I'm going to agree, or even make it seem like I agree with her on this issue. Again, not in an angry way, but in a 'I can't lie' way. I don't want to mislead her, or have her think we're on the same wave length. If the wave length is 'we love each other, that's good enough' then yeah I'm there. But if it lets spend our lives together, than no.

Part of me wants to just copy paste this into an email. I'm not saying I'm not sympathetic towards her, or so unromantic that I think everything is doomed to last, but well, see the first sentence of this edit to basically get my point. Not only should we not be thinking/talking about it (like oh no, what if person x doesn't feel the same) but it should even be in the realm of things to think/talk about.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Been busy, hence lack of updates.

From the end of June to early July, I was away with Chelsea and the fam visiting people from here to Muskoka. We stopped in Kingston, Trenton, Horshoe Valley and finally arrived in Muskoka where we spent the majority of our time. Everything was really great, and she absolutely loved it. Which of course is a plus.

I'm all signed up for Carleton in the Fall. I'm in the Criminology and Criminal Justice program and I've got three courses this fall, and four this winter. And I'll probably take one next summer.

And on to the main event.

This past weekend my friend Alex and I built a DVD shelving unit. Some of you may remember a while back I posted my pictures of my DVD collection. While I had initially used some space on my bookshelf I eventually ran out of room and had been storing the rest in neat rows on the floor. Sure they were organized but they were still on the floor. I had looked into buying a unit, but they were $400+ so I said fuck it. I printed out some designs given to me by the various websites and gave them to my buddy Alex and asked if he could build it. He said yes and so our journey began.

And by journey I mean trip to Home Depot where we spent $174 on wood. The whole thing took us about 10 hours or so to build. Also the wood was warped which made things tricky. Alex also accidentally cut through the wire of our old circular saw while using it, and then almost got himself electrocuted later on.

This is the finished product. It has space for 648 traditionally sized DVDs (ie. the normal snap case ones) but as you can see I have oddly shaped ones, and many TV sets. So on the shelves are 386 items, or roughly that since I have a couple lent to my friend Phil. Anyways, the smaller shelves on the top and bottom are to compensate for left over space, and to hold the more oddly shaped or delicate items. And the shelves are staggered to allow for the fact that the clips were too big to allow for them to be back to back with one another on the columns. It also stands just over 5 feet tall.

Alex says he wants to stain the thing, but I think it looks great, so I may just do a clear coat. This is not the final resting place for the unit since it's just been left where we built it, ie. in the middle of the floor in my basement.

I think it looks pretty bitchin.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Just want to add my two cents on a couple films.

This Wednesday was Chelsea's birthday and along with the cake eating and present giving (I got her a silver necklace with a heart on it) we saw a couple movies.

Drag Me To Hell
Honestly, I was never sold on this movie. I love the Evil Dead films, but pretty much everything else Raimi has done, aside from Spiderman 2 I guess, has been pretty mediocre. I was excited that he was returning to horror, but the trailers just looked so generic and not all that interesting.

I'll preface me mini-review by saying Chelsea loved it. She was screaming and cowering the whole time. It was basically what my reaction was the first time I saw Evil Dead. I'm sure you're all familiar with the story, girl pisses off witch woman gets curse put on her, but I'll try to be spoiler free.

First the good. The acting was decent (nothing awful, but nothing mindblowing either), the writing was solid, and it was scary. Raimi certainly knows how to craft terror and create tension. Many of his old Evil Dead techniques return for this film (weird noises, askew angles, tight closeups and zooms) and they're still as effective as they were 28 years ago. All the characters were fairly fleshed out (although a little superficially so) and had believable emotions and experiences, at least as believable as you can get in a horror movie. Plus the whole thing just looked and sounded great.

Now the bad. It was boring as hell, and almost nothing happens the entire movie. Aside from an interesting opening, a near 'finale of the film' seance scene, and the actual ending, the movie is basically just Alison Lohman in some sort of house walking around slowly waiting to be scared. The scares are potent but it just seems like Raimi and team (sadly a total reunion from his Evil Dead days ie. writers, producers, director) just wanted to pack in as many jump out scares as possible in an hour and a half. I didn't really care about any of the characters (minus the fantastic Dileep Rao as the shaman who helps Lohamn, he really stole every scene he was in) and the cool mythological story stuff was barely touched on.

It's very odd, and perhaps hard for you to understand, how something could be both scary and boring. But when the movie consists almost solely of pop out scares and mounting tension it becomes both repetitive, draining, and ultimately annoying. It's like when a child learns a new trick or joke, and they keep wanting to share it with you over and over. It's funny and cute the second time, and you don't hate the kid the more he does it, you just wish they'd find something new.

I know Raimi isn't new to the horror genre, but it felt like he was trying too hard with this film to prove that he's still got it. Yes Raimi, we get that you can create a scary ride, but next time can you try to craft a compelling and enjoyable film around it?

My Bloody Valentine 3D

And here's where things get weird.

While waiting for DMTH to start, Chelsea and I went to CD Warehouse where we found this film on sale. We were going to rent it earlier but then remembered we wouldn't get the 3D glasses with it, so we decided to split the cost and just buy it to watch later that night. I know that the technology used in theater 3D movies and home 3D movies is vastly different, but I just wanted to see what it was like.

Overall the film was damn enjoyable. I don't usually like remakes, or even new horror movies, but I hated the original Bloody Valentine, so I figured at least this one couldn't be worse. And it sort of wasn't.

The characters were still archetypal, the acting was passable, and the story was kind of secondary, but the gore effects, and the 3D made up for all the shortcomings. No one goes to a 3D movie looking for a compelling story. You go to see what weird ways they can use 3D with. This movies shots were mostly relegated to punching, kicking, axe swinging and throwing, protruding body parts etc. But what I was really impressed by was how amazing the depth of view was in 3D.

Anyways it wasn't the greatest movie, and perhaps I only liked it because of what I witnessed earlier in the evening, but it was still fun. Not great, but fun. Kind of the opposite of Drag Me To Hell in fact. Poorly made, but still hokey and fun. Funny that.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wow, so its been a while since I last update. And yet I have nothing to say either.

Been on a bit of Star Trek binge lately. Purchased Wrath of Khan at CD Warehouse for $6 and left satisfied. However, after coming home and going to bookmark the rest of the films for later purchase on Amazon, I realized they are now all out of print. So of course I had to go out and get films 3-6. Sadly the only one they didn't have (or maybe not since it's so boring....) is the first, but I've put my name down on their 'alert me if this movie comes in' list.

Also saw the newest entry, which was surprisingly more campy than I thought it would be. But it was still great. Some of the humour was obvious and awful, and the lens flares drove me absolutely crazy. Also, why the fuck is Spock in a sexual relationship? Honestly now. I'm not a Star Trek expert, and in fact I only like the original series/cast, but has this ever happened before? It seems like it's breaking all sorts of previously unexplored (for a reason) ground.

Also purchased Hamelt 2, which everyone should watch ASAP, and the out of print Army of Darkness with the making of feature on the disc. Woo!

Wednesday also happens to be Chelsea's birthday and we will be going to see Drag Me to Hell, which while I've heard is awesome, I'm still skeptical of since Raimi turned crappy, ummm roughly 15 years ago.

Currently reading The Terror. During the mid 1800s and shipwrecked uhhh ship looking for the Northwest Passage begins to be attacked by a msyterious creature/force from out on the ice. It's long, slow moving, but really well reviewed. So far it's great, but definitely a little in the vein of Stephen King where it gets a little wandering at times. However it's different (at least time frame wise) from my usual reads and it's definitely creepy.