Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maybe It's Just Me

You (the hypothetical you I suppose) ever have a day so good that it makes you sad? Like, how could the next day possibly live up to the one you just had? That's kind of where I'm at I guess. My days, without sounding mellow dramatic or crazy, are usually pretty shit admittedly. And I've had such, a moderately pleasant couple of days that it just makes me sad. Sad to realize, and catch a glimpse of, the kind of things I'm missing out on.

On the plus side I'm enjoying Lost Season 3. Woo...


RedHeadedDesigner said...

omg, i totally have been having those days lately, and yeah, it is super depressing.

but in one way it shows you that there is some good i this fucking world....thank god for small miracles and such.

gord said...

Yeah I agree Laura. If nothing else it's motivation to get my act together I suppose. Nice to know it's not just me either. Seems like a weird way to go about things, ie. always expecting the bottom to fall out when things are going well.