Sunday, January 27, 2008

Old School Fun

With Laura (who very well may be the only person who reads this, 'Hey Laura!') suggesting I try out Day of the Tentacle (which I'm still having trouble with, but I've got some suggestions from people I'll try out tonight), my interest in old games I own has been renewed. The Resident Evil series is far ands above my fave series of games, excluding of course the online versions, and the arcade shooters.

Some people have movies and books and CDs they cannot live without, and while I have my fair share of those (along with my computer in general since it houses so many things I need, ie. music, movies, guitar tabs etc.) there are a couple of games I cannot live without either. RE2 and 3 being two of them. I am such a huge horror movie fan and these games are perfect little horror nuggets. They may be dated, and corny, and even at times poorly written and acted (while inside a ravaged and bloody police station room, dying cop #1 exclaims "You must be Leon the new guy. Sorry kid, your parties cancelled", brilliant!), but I've never felt more like a kid in a candy store then I do when playing these games. For sheer pulp fun, and zombie madness they can't be beat.

In real life news I'm looking into taking some more courses. My Criminology one is done, and it was great, so now I might take a Psych course. The Criminal Psychology course I wanted to take has already started, and of course having a basic Psych background would be helpful as well. So I gotta call Algonquin tomorrow and ask them some questions about it, and perhaps look into some other schools as well.

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RedHeadedDesigner said...

if you ever get day of the tentacle working let me know. it is awesome.