Sunday, January 20, 2008

Post Funeral

So got back tonight from a funeral for my I guess Great Aunt. I didn't know her all that well, nor did I see her much in her later years since she suffered from dementia and was in a care facility. So, when I heard the news, I wasn't all that shocked or upset. I've, luckily, never been to a funeral for someone close to me. So I've never had to deal with the grief associated with most funerals. But anyways, the family packed up and headed down to Kingston to pick up Mike, my brother at Queens, and then head to Toronto where we stayed for 2 nights.

The actual funeral itself was ok I suppose. I wasn't sad about the death, but the people around me, whom I'm relatively close with ie. my dad's cousins, were, so that was mildly upsetting. But after that, and I kind of hate to admit it almost, I had a blast. I hadn't seen my cousins (who are roughly my age) in quite some time. And while they were upset their grandma died, it was clear they were passed the major grief moments and we managed to have a really good time in spite of the circumstances.

There were 5 of us, Mike, myself, Liam who's in grade 10, Jamie who's a couple years older then I, and Megan, who's a year younger. We hung out in the basement of the house where the after funeral activities were (Megan and Liam's house) and chatted, caught up, talked about life, played Halo 3, Guitar Hero etc. And at the end of it all realized how much fun we had together, as opposed to when we hung out separately with some of the more stuffy members of the family. Anyways, after that, the immediate family (about 10 of us) crowded around this tiny little table and had lasagna and 'shot the shit'. Again, it was really great, and I'm glad I ended up going cause I can't wait to hang out with that side of the family again. You know, hopefully under better circumstances.

After all that, we drove back to Kingston to drop Mike back at Queens where I got to see his room finally, and meet some of his friends. We also took back 350 beer cans. Oh and I got my haircut finally, it had been probably 9 months and my look has gone from hobo-bohemian to something a little more normal.

The next thing coming up in my life is a trip to Florida at the end of February, which I'm 80% sure I'm going on. I need to chat with my therapist a bit first. God I hate planes. And waiting.


RedHeadedDesigner said...

sorry you had such a shitty week, hopefully things pick up. hope it goes well with the therapist and the plane thing, i'm having similar issues with my scary 15 hour flight to australia.

gord said...

15 hours? Holy crap. Mines only 3 or so and I'm really dreading it. At least with car rides you can like, take breaks, get out, walk around. But when you're on a plane you're really stuck up there. Though the worst part for me is waiting, ie. waiting in the terminal for the flight and waiting on the tarmac. Doubly awful, my therapist is away for 3 weeks before I leave, meaning only one visit. Ugh. Anyways, when's your flight Laura?

RedHeadedDesigner said...

yeah, its scary. but at least you get one more meeting out of it. i am both dreading and looking forward to this trip.