Friday, May 30, 2008


I just need to write something out so that I don't forget this particular moment in time. I apologize ahead of time.

It's been one of those weeks where very day I wake up I wish I never had. I don't mean it in a crazy suicidal way, I just mean it in an aboslutely exasperated way. Every day is a chore, and I know it'll continue on being a chore for quite some time. In a general sense the rest of my life, but in a more immediate sense, the next little while. And I don't know what to do about it. Do I just kind of keep my chin up and keep going till maybe it goes away, or do I take a stress break for a while, and just kind of recharge.

I don't know what gets me there, or what started this whole thing, but I know what keeps me there, and I could probably list 101 things, little and small. It's like, some of them are changeable, sure, I'm not an idiot, but at the same time, I'm someone who can't focus on too many things or else I just collapse. (case in point, grade 12, I basically dropped out of school after being in a shitty relationship, having my friends turn their backs on me, realizing I was failing school, being crazy stressed at work, etc). So what the fuck do I focus on first? There are things I know I should focus on like going to school full time, or getting a job. But more immediately I'd like to have friends again and feel healthy. And when doing one makes me neglect the other it just makes me frustrated. And it's like, why fucking bother. I think that's my big problem, not being able to tackle more than a couple things at once. Even, more than one thing at once.

But the stress I have been feeling, or perhaps the depression, or the anticipation of stress has really got me beat to be frank. I mean, I should be somewhere by now, and yet I'm nowhere. I'm barely even on my way to be somewhere, in so many regards. People can say I've made strides or they see changes or whatever, but that doesn't do it for me. And I think the fact that I feel all this, and realize it and still am, or feel helpless to change/stop it just makes me even more frustrated. And I wonder if maybe I haven't even come to terms with 'what's wrong with me'. Cause that is often my one source of frustration. Like, why is it so fucking difficult for me to go do 'event x'. And then when it doesn't happen, I feel like I've let myself down, and I've let others down. And holy fuck have I ever let others down. I mean, I know close friends have stuck around, but barely. And even then some really good ones have just up and left apparently. For the most part, I'm ok with that, I don't want to guilt them into anything or make false promises, but again, it's another reminder of sorts of people moving on while I sit still.

So basically lately I've been stuck in this constant battle of 'should I keep going' versus 'fuck everything'. The latter has been my approach for the last however many years and it hasn't exactly done wonders, but when you feel like shit day in and day out it's hard to be like 'boy I'm excited to start studying for my exams a couple weeks away' or 'I can't wait to go get my g2'. And I know the time will never be perfect for me to tackle these sorts of events. But again, that goes back to the hopelessness or the dreading of never ending struggles.

Anyways, I don't even know what I'm trying to say. I mean I know what I'm trying to say, but thats literally just a stream of conscious. I real self centered blog post. But I get so manic sometimes that I'll literally feel the opposite in a day or two, and then issues never get addressed when they need to be. So yeah, just general extreme frustration with a lot of things, which leads to feeling like crap. And I know what to do about it, which is the hard thing, but for some reason I can't will myself to do what needs to be done. And that is more frustrating that anything else.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alien Invasion

So every so often I have this weird dream. I think I've had it three times now. And in the dream world it takes place once every year. And for some reason, people who died last time, are back again and if they died I can be like, hey can I see your obliteration scar, and they're like sure, it hurt like crazy last time.

So anyways, the dream takes place in my 'hometown' which is populated by various people I've known throughout my life; teachers, neighbours, friends, class mates, etc. And while some places are similar to places in my life, mainly buildings and such, the whole thing takes place in a semi-western type town. It's all very old timey, with a cemetary somewhere in the middle of town, and the houses are all made of wood and fairly sparse in terms of decorations. Also the town is like this; far end of town there's a canyon and entrance from, uhhh the plains I guess, middle of the strip is the town, and then just behind us are the docks, and some large body of water.

The dream always starts with a day or two of people going about their business, in a normal life kinda way. And somehow it is eventually found out that there is going to be an alien invasion, and that these aliens are not 'nice' aliens. And so, the town goes into a general panic where kids are yanked from school, parents rush home from work and whatnot. Plans are made, alliances are formed, and weapons are cleaned off. Also, we, for some reason, have a fair number of robot protectors, ranging from the size of an average dog, to like two story ones. Usually there's some drama about people wanting to stay at my house, and after a fight of sorts, I relent and people stay in our house too.

Then a town meeting is held where we decide what to do, and in the middle of it, the aliens touch down at the end of town, on the canyon side that is. So, our robots head off to defend us, and the aliens don't make themselves known for a while. I soon figure out the robots are gonna get fucked, for whatever reason, and decide I and some others need to take a more proactive approach. So then again there are alliances formed, and some people go off to hunt, some hide, some refuse to fight, and some sit and wait.

There are also some sci-fi/horror elements in my dream, like mass amounts of fog at first, terrifying anticipation, and some parts where we're hiding out somewhere and outside we things scuttle by in the mist.

Anyways, eventually the battle starts, and it's chaos everywhere, and usually pretty short in the dream. People get disintegrated, shoot some aliens (that I really couldn't describe visually) and whatnot. But during this whole thing, the season rapidly turns to winter. And so some people freeze to death, or kill themselves, or kill other people. And at the end there's usually a rag tag group of people left alive and for some reason we're at the bottom of this large hill. And I guess we've prepared well enough to be able to survive the plummeting temperatures. So we're at the bottom of this hill, but at least we've all made is this far, and now we have to climb this hill and fight off the last of the horde.

And that's where it usually ends. In two of my dreams like that, I've made it that far. But last night I only made it to the planning stage, when I woke up.

So there you have it. I also have dreams about zombies and atomic bombs, that perhaps one day I'll write out.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

sign o' the times

Well not much to say tonight. Had a fairly shitty/never ending day, and I don't know why. Guess that's the nature of my 'condition' though. I think it's the stress of upcoming exams. But the funny thing is I don't feel 'stressed'. Maybe that's just what happens with me, I don't know. Anyways, watched Rushmore tonight, and that kinda made up for things. It's one of the few movies that I could start again as soon as it finishes.

Anyways, since I was watching Rushmore (with Schwartzman, who is awesome in everything) I thought I'd post some songs from his album and solo project Coconut Records, since it's great. The vids aren't official but that's ok.

Coconut Records - Nighttiming
Coconut Records - West Coast

Well I got nothing else, and my heart feels like it's going to explode.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Live and Unplugged

So, yeah, things at the Casino went well. Played a lot of various slot machines, and some mechanical horse race stuff. But only using $5 in quarters, since I don't have much money as it is, and I don't want to risk losing it all. That being said, the dinner buffet turned out to be $30, instead of the $14 we thought it would be. Oh well. We had just shoveled dirt all day and been paid $100 for it, so it wasn't a huge loss.

Anyways, as I posted earlier, my guitar amp broke. It started making this funny low rumbling noise every so often for a while, and then just the other day, it just turned off and won't turn on again. So....back to acoustic for me until I figure out what needs to be fixed on it. So here are a couple vids that I recorded today on the acoustic plus one electric one I was working on before it broke. I don't mind sharing a work in progress I guess . As you'll hear, the songs are all fairly eclectic/folky (I think anyways) as I'm not the worlds biggest fan of just strumming chords, I like my chord songs to be a little cool or different. Oh, and as you can see I've gotten a haircut, and for todays videos I have limited myself to just one outfit.

Sultans of Swing Solo

Still working on it, but as I said, amp died before perfection.

Nightwish - The Islander

Band I just got into somehow, they're a 'metal' group fronted by a female vocalist. Their new one (much better than the old one in my opinion) doesn't sing here, so that doesn't help (but here's a great example, minus the singers pop dance moves and facial expressions First song I heard by them and really dug it. Makes me feel like a bard, either in real life (though in a different place and time) or in an RPG like Oblivion.

Led Zeppelin - Over the Hills and Far Away

First full song I learned. I sat in my room for hours playing it. Consequently, I don't play it as often these days, and I seem sloppy. Maybe not.

Queen - '39

I wouldn't call myself the worlds biggest Queen fan, I mean I am in the sense that they're awesome, but I don't own records, but this song is amazing, and is hands down my fave from them. Oh, and I keep looking down cause I haven't memorized the song and I have the chords written down.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


7 hours at teh Casino. only slightly driunk, might be mix of valium and alchol. Going to bed now, more to report on later. I won 50 cents!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


So, just got back from Iron Man, and it was great. I really wish it weren't so that I could write some funny negative review and use some clever pun like uhhh Iron Bland, or something, but I really can't. I wouldn't say it was perfect, or the best superhero movie so far, but it was definitely top of the class. Though to be fair, it doesn't exactly face the stiffest of competition, but more on that later. Oh, and it can't be said enough how this was a perfect showcase for Robert Downey Junior, a truly amazing actor and an overall cool guy.

Anyways, great flick. Though I have two minor gripes.

1) It wasn't long enough. I know that it's a superhero movie, and needs to clip along at a fair pace, but for the sake of drama I think it should have been longer and had more time to establish tension, characters, back story, etc. As it stands it felt, well, like a comic. Not a real issue I guess, but some more time would have benefited it I thought.

2) There was only one scene that irked me, and it was Pepper's big, 'I quit' scene. Not only is she apparently one of the most wishy washy film characters in recent memory ('I quit', 'No you can't', 'Well ok, you've convinced me, I'll stay'), but the one scene of real character on character tension in the film lasts no more than 2 minutes.

That being said, everything else was awesome, and I'll definitely pick it up when it comes out on DVD.

Now, on to other hero films.

I've been a big comic nerd since I was like 4. I've got tons. I love them all, though mostly Spiderman and Batman, as every young child does, oh and Bats totally kills Spidey in every regard. Anyways, here's my opinion on other franchises, and I would say that Iron Man probably ranks second.

Original Batman Quadrilogy
Honestly, I hate them all. I thought the first two made a mockery of their respective villains, and for films with BATMAN in the title, he was barely in them. And his character was wooden and stiff and completely uninteresting. They looked nice, and had a great sense of style but honestly, the only good thing I can say about either of them is that Prince does an awesome soundtrack for the first film. Batman Forever was a slight step up, but the over the top comic book world was too cartoony for one to really get into the film in any remotely serious way. Batman and Robin is so awful it's mildly entertaining. At the very least there are many laughs all throughout due to how ridiculous the whole thing is. And it manages to completely erase the amazing amounts of pretension that run rampant in the first two films. (but I still love Burton)

Superman Quadrilogy, and Returns
The first two were great, but the rest were awful. I haven't seen them recently enough to provide a detailed analysis, but they were enjoyable, although too campy to stand up really well to other recent hero films. Returns was just awful. So god damn awful.

X-Men Trilogy
For me they strode too fine a line between fantasy and reality. I mean the heroes themselves were too wacky to be considered real, but the stories they dealt with were very down to earth, and for me the films had a real sense of schizophrenia to them. Though they were still enjoyable, with the second one being the best. For all the hullabaloo surrounding the third and final film, I was really disappointed.

Spiderman Trilogy
It started well and turned out so awful. I enjoyed the first one for the most part, and really enjoyed the second one (it's probably 4th on my faves list of hero films) but the third was honestly awful. At least the first two had a great mixtures of drama and action, and CGI and practical effects, not to mention stellar villains and stories. Though to be honest I've also never really warmed to Maguire in the role of Parker. I've literally grown up with Spiderman and have seen him go through so many different changes and personalities, and my least favourite is the whimpy cry baby Parker. God is it ever irritating, and in no place was in more irritating than the third film. I mean it was fine in the first one, but you'd think he would have at least grown a pair by the second film and manned up just a little. I love Raimi, and I love SM, but this film was just disappointing. Too many villains, too much CGI, too much fucking crying and breakups, and getting back together, and breaking up again etc. There was honestly, just too much emotion. I don't how else to put it. I'm fine with emotional films, and even cheesy films (as we know I do love Enchanted) but it was just too much, and kinda awkwardly over the top in the final film. It was also just ridiculously cheesy, and contains some of the worst acting and dialogue I've ever heard. So in summation, first two great, third awful.

Iron Man
See mini review above

The Crow
Every other one but the first sucks major ass, but I don't hold that against the first. I saw the film a LONG time ago, like, right when it came out to VHS and it was honestly the first time that as a young/slightly grown individual I'd been blown away/really moved by a film. To this day I still hold the film in a very high regard, even though it's a little cheesy, and been associated too heavily with angsty goth kids, but what are you gonna do. I'm still amazed that for such a low budget film, there really isn't anything glaringly bad about it. Great acting, and fantastic action scenes, and good direction and an amazing sense of style with some wicked sets and models.

Batman Begins
My favourite superhero film. The first time I saw it I was really let down. It was slow, dramatic, and the fight scenes were underwhelming. But, for some reason I felt compelled to buy the Special Edition (I'm a sucker for special features, yes even to films I only mildly enjoyed) after going through a comic reading phase like a year back. Anyways, long story short I'm glad I did as it's one of my favourite films now. I've really come to appreciate the dramatic side of the story and the great characters it puts forward, as well as the fantastic world it creates, and the superb acting (Holmes excluded, ugh). The fighting is still not the best in parts, but I can let that slide since the everything else is so great.

Well, there's a rather long post. My weekend will be busy, so I'll update then with some more personal stuff.

EDIT: Now that I look at the list, The Crow isn't really a super hero is he? I mean, I didn't include Sin City or V for Vendetta in the post, and the characters from those films aren't any more or less 'heroish' than Eric Draven. Hmmm, oh well. Oh, and obviously I have not included all the superhero movies in existence, just the ones that I enjoyed, or saw because I had childhood nostalgia invested in them.

Fantastic Four Films
Decent movies, though kind of annoying with how they handle their powers. I swear, if you haven't seen them, every instance where powers are used, they're used in some sort of jokey manner. It is incredibly annoying. But, they're ok popcorn flicks. Best part; Julian McMahon as Dr. Doom.

So-so. The Directors Cut is far better than the theatrical cut too. It cuts out the romance nonsense, and has a little more violence thrown in. Overall the film was pretty good though, but I don't see it as a franchise, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a one-off.

Blade Trilogy
The first two were fairly forgettable (minus the awful special effects in two), but I really enjoyed the third one. Mainly due to Ryan Reynolds wise cracking side kick character. The story was fairly predictable, but the action was good and so were the characters. Parker Posey was great as well.


I was recording some stuff on guitar today for you fine folks, when suddenly my amp just died. I'm rather upset/mad right now. Arrrrgh. I don't have money to buy a new one, hopefully it's fixable. Maybe I'll post what little I managed to record before it died.

Monday, May 19, 2008

So things have been pretty good in the last while. While I wouldn't go so far as to say 'life is good' since there are a lot of things I wish I could change, the last week or so has been pretty good.

Monday went to the bonfire which I outlined already.

Rest of the week, kept up with my weights and running and yard work. So a) I felt healthy, but b) also incredibly tired.

Friday night I talked to Kate on MSN and it turned out we both needed to do shopping stuff, me for movies and my brothers b-day gift, and her for a phone. So she came over Sat afternoon (after I spent an hour or two watching Ghostbusters II and movies from the 40s on TV. I honestly for some reason am really captivated by old movies, I think it's the way they speak. It's so strange and charming.) and then Phil called and wanted to join us. Which was cool. I hadn't seen him in a while, but whatever. So the three of us went out to Best-Buy, Rogers, and some other places. I ended up getting Mike's present (a computer mouse, which is what he wanted, boring), An Evening with Kevin Smith (which I've been dying to see) and Rushmore. Then at around 5 (and I had to be home for 7 since Mike and I were heading out to his friends house for a BBQ for him) Alex called and wanted to hang out. So we, minus me, decided we needed to hang out somewhere and wait for him.

It's at that point I thought I was going to die. If there's one thing that makes me really nervous it's just waiting around doing nothing. If there's a plan then that's ok, cause you move from A to B tackling objerctives and then you're done. Waiting for an undetermined amount of time for anything freaks me out. So KAte and Phil decided we should go to O'Connors and wait for him. It was already nearby and why not. I'd never been but didn't want to object. So for about 20 minutes after that decision was made, it literally felt like everything in my body was grinding against something. Not in a painful way, just in really jittery nervous way. And everywhere I go I take with me my MP3 player, and my Valium, just cause I like to be prepared. I was close to taking a pill, but decided against it since I convinced myself it was too late and I just had to ride out the storm. Anyways, things eventually calmed down and I was there for 2 hours and it was a great time.

Consequently I was late for Mike's b-day bash, but only by half an hour or so. I opted not to go out with them on their all night bender, but I still had fun at the BBQ.

Then the day after I went out to CD Warehouse and bought Re-Animator, a classic horror/comedy film from the 80s, and it even came with a novelty highlighter shaped like a syringe, with green 'goo' inside. So awesome.

And then today I've done weights again, and I'll do some school work soon.

So all in all I guess I can't complain. But I can't help but feel a little bummed. For you 'normies' out there, it's like a drug addict coming down from a high I guess. While not as dramatic it fits a little. I feel like a) boy that was fun, I wish it could be great all the time, b) I wish I had done more of that in the past, and c) kinda mad that I'm even equating the ending of fun with a shitty mood since it doesn't make all that much sense. But it's kinda like, well the good times can only last for so long and it's back to blah, or something else will pop up and be a major pain in the ass.

But I guess I just have to keep on doing what I'm doing. Plus therapist Monday which is good, cause I'll get to have a chat before my exams early June, which I'm quite worried about. Not SO much the marks (but that's a concern) but just the general stress of their overall importance.

To end on a good note though, I found a copy (online since apparently only cassette tapes exist) of the Back to the Future soundtrack. It is so awesome. Easily my favourite trilogy of films.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

!!!!!Mail: Special Edition - Now with Directors Commentary

The emotional rollercoaster that was Laura's super-awesome postcard. Laura you made my week!

1. This was originally the only photo I was going to post and include the caption 'that is all'. But then I decided it'd be more fun to post a number of random images. It's also a good visual representation of my actual excitement level.

2. This is me reading the letter. You see that I'm uh a little shocked (?) and very interested in what it has to say.

3. This is the part of the letter where I realized that sadly I will not be in Toronto when Laura is there and therefore cannot visit. I immediately broke down in tears. So no, it is not a half-assed attempt at a DeNiro impression.

4. This is me laughing at the 'it gets cold now' line. Plus I needed to balance out with the crying photo.

5. This is my reflecting back on the postcard picture. It is also my 'oooh mail from around the world' face.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So what is up tonight? hmmmm, currently not much. Listening to some Lupe Fiasco and then Opeth and that's it.

Ummm so this coming weekend is my brothers birthday. And although we'll most likely do something together, he's hanging out with friends for the night (Saturday) and they're going to Quebec (he's 19, but some of his friends aren't yet) to the Casino, some bars and a strip club. I'm invited, but honestly, I'm not exactly sold on it. The Casino, that's cool, but people will just be drinking, the bars will just be pure drinking and I don't, and then the strip club seems like quite honestly the most awkward place ever. I'm not adverse to sex, or anything sex related, but I really don't see a strip club being all that exciting. I can't say that I feel bad for the strippers since they chose to be there. And I can't say I feel bad for the patrons since ditto. But to me it just seems like a place of sadness. Especially in Ottawa/Quebec. I mean if it was a fun burlesque kind of entertainment place in Vegas or something that would be cool. But this is a bar, with strippers. I mean, wtf? Anyways, don't know if I'll go on this little 'becoming a man' excursion. We'll see.

Yesterday went out to my friends house, KATE (who may read this, probably not) since she's back from Amsterdam, which is of course nice. We sat around, her, Alex, Annie and I and had a bonfire and then watched TV. All in all good.

Tonight I watched the election results for the West Virginia primaries and I am increasingly frustrated by Clinton's undemocratic position. I mean, she would have made a good Democratic candidate (though I've always been team Obama, since hmmm honestly before he even ran), but she's just fucking herself now. Not to mention sinking the party. I could rant and rave and debate for hours, but I won't.

Also, booked both my exams for second week of June, so I've still got time left to study. Ones in the morning and ones at 6pm. I'm slightly worried since I have the hardest time retaining information these days. Not to mention they're my first post-high school exams.

Guess that is all for now.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Movie Stuff

So, maybe I mentioned it maybe I didn't, last week I bought a number of used movies from Blockbuster; Live Free or Die Hard, The Kingdom, Darjeeling Limited, and The Lookout.

All of those I'd either seen (in the case of the first two) or knew I'd like (since I love Wes Anderson), except one, The Lookout. When commercials for it first came out it was marketed as your standard throwaway action/revenge film. I'm not one for action films and so of course I dismissed the film. However, in the last little while a number of friends have recommended it, and in a movie guide I bought in Florida in Feb. the reviewer, Leonard Maltin, recommended the film as a real under appreciated film of '07 and one of the best films that year. And I'm like what?! So of course when it was $5 at BB I had to buy it.

Suffice it to say, it's one the best films I've ever seen, and it's probably the best film from '07 I've seen so far, and I've seen all the major releases. The plot is basically this (from the back of the box); Chris Pratt (Gordon-Levitt) whose once-bright future has been dimmed by a head injury is a night janitor at a bank. Lonely and frustrated Chris falls prey to a con man's seductive promise of romance and a better life and agrees to help rob the bank where he works.

While it sounds a little 'typical Hollywood' it is far from it. This is probably one of the most moving films I've seen in quite a while, and is superbly written and acted. It's quite frankly phenomenal and should not be missed by anyone who's even moderately interested in a great character study/thriller. A real 5/5 gem.


Also woke up in a shitty mood this morning (dream about the ex, who is apparently trying to drive me crazy by popping into my head at random even though I don't want to think about her) and whenever I’m having a bad day, or am anxious, there are a number of things that I rely on to get me through it. Sometimes it’s talking with certain people, sometimes it’s music in general, or a favourite brainless movie like 40 Year Old Virgin (which I watch exclusively during panic attacks, and have probably therefore seen it about a dozen times). However, if I ever need a quick fix, and an absolute guaranteed way to pull me out of my funk, I just watch the ‘ABC’ dance scene in Clerks II. I’m not the worlds biggest Smith nerd (though I do think he’s great, even though his films stumble sometimes) but if he were to have had us wait 10+ years for Clerks II only to release this single scene I would call it the greatest film ever made. You can’t not ‘dance’, however small your motions are, along to the video and song. It’s just so damned upbeat, and bright. Not to mention everyone else in the video is dancing. I own the DVD and I still have the scene saved on my computer, and MP3 player, from YouTube. That’s how great it is, not to mention in a world full of necrophilia and beastiliaty, I find it the most shocking thing Smith has ever done. So, next time you’re feeling a little blue, check the video out. I guarantee for at the very least, you’ll be completely cured for those 4 blissful minutes.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Guitar

Ok, so. I didn't promise to do these, and I said it might take a while, but here they all are. And if I look tired and droopy in the intro, I can barely keep my eyes open, it's cause I'm exhausted. Yard work all day in the rain yesterday, then babysitting. Went to sleep too late, got up too early, went for a run, started a new weight routine, and then went grocery shopping. Oh, and no more videos till I get my hair cut. Yikes. I also love how I'm always in the same headless playing position...I'll have to fix that next time. It looks weird.

EDIT: Sorry, accidentally deleted the intro for awhile there, should be back up now.


Thin Lizzy - Roisin Dubh (Black Rose)

The Allman Brothers Band - Blue Sky

Led Zeppelin - Bron Yr-Aur

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

For Laura

My Bowie guitar knowledge is a little lacking, so I'm not 100% on this song. In the future if there are any other songs you'd like to hear, I'll give 'em a shot, I'm always interested in learning/trying new stuff.

EDIT: My voice is higher pitched here than in the source video and real life. Odd....Also, I'll be adding a couple more vids and making the album public soon.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ho hum

That's my mood. Not much to write about. Recently found out my ex goes to Carleton, where I'm looking at going, and honestly that fact alone is enough to make me not want to go there, or at least hesitate. I mean, not like if I ran into her anything would happen (ie. the world exploding) but still, it'd be nice to not have to deal with all this shit and have that constant reminder running around un-seen. And then of course I had a dream about it like right before I woke up today, and that put me in a funk. Is it possible to both hate someone and love them at the same time?

Anyways, did a whole lot of school work today to distract myself from it, and I guess it worked (up until now of course...) Then tonight watched The Darjeeling Limited finally. Good movie, not hilarious, but really nice and just generally interesting. Especially since I have a brother, and it's a film about brothers, yada yada (not to mention I love Jason Schwartzman). If anything it also reminded me that I still don't own Rushmore. It's another movie I've seen a million times, would call a personal fave, but don't own. Must pick it up ASAP.

Anyways, that's all for today I guess. Is there anything anyone out there wants to know about me, or want me to write about?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Good Times

Not much to report these days, I don't believe.

Worked hard all this week on school stuff, and then picked up GTAIV on Friday, which is awesome by the way. And also Friday, my folks went to New York, and it was my brothers best freinds Alex's birthday on the 29th, so he had a party here last night. Which I was kind of nervous about, since I always hate being the only sober individual (a story I'll go into at some point if anyones interested), but it was honestly really fun. There weren't that many kids like only a dozen (compared to the 40 or so we've had once or twice in the past) and it was just very relaxing, for the most part. Rock Band, was played, as was Wario Ware which Mike and I split on for Alex. But the best part was I finally got a chance (2 years later) to sit down and have a good chat with Alex's fiance (yes, he's 19 and engaged, don't even get me started on that, oh and shes 22 or 23). We've all hung out before, and had fun doing whatever, but last night we really got to know each other better, which I guess makes the idea of them marrying more appealing. Then bed at around 4am and now here I am.

Luckily the 'kids' are very dutiful in their post party cleaning in the morning so there's nothing left for me to do, which is always nice. Rest of the weekend will be spent reading, and playing GTA. Now I'm off running to try and wake myself up.