Sunday, June 15, 2008


After last nights plans to go to the Casino fell through (Mike went to a beach bash instead) my new plan was to watch Gremlins 2. But at around 1am the kids came back to our house saying the party was a bust. So then we stayed up till 3am listening to music, and them drinking, and just shooting the shit. Then I didn't get to sleep till 4:30. That part wasn't so fun, but the rest was.

Also I neglected weights this week while studying so I'll finally get back into that for the rest of, well forever perhaps. Not to get like super jacked looking, but just more toned.

Fathers day also. Multiple times every fucking year my parents buy us cards for the other parent for all the various card giving days. And they're always those annoying artsy, blank on the inside cards and Mike and I are expected to come up with some moving, wonderful, prose. I think for the last couple years we've just been recycling the same various things over and over. I mean, I love my parents, but there's only so much you can say. Now, when I buy cards, I get ones with character. Like for Mike, I always buy him toddler cards, and for my moms 50th I bought her a Batman Mask card and filled it with bat puns. I'm sure she loved it.

So this year for fathers day, we had one of those sappy cards. And luckily it was half taken up with writing, and Mike said he always writes the card stuff so apparently it was my turn. So I suggested, in my infinite wisdom, that instead we DRAW something, and then, that'll take up more space, and a picture says a thousand words, yada yada. Mike didn't think it was a good idea, but I said I'd do a prototype on lined paper first, and then he could judge. So I started out drawing the family, including our two pets, outside holding hands with the house behind us and a sun in the sky smiling. It was very lovely. But then I thought, the sky needed something to make the picture not feel so empty up top. So I started with clouds, and then thought how about a plane too, just to you know, give it some 'action'. Of course, 2 seconds into that I had the sudden urge to draw it as Oceanic Flight 815 from Lost as it was splitting apart. So the airplane turned into a split airplane with things and people being sucked out. Then of course I needed mountains to give the picture perspective and setting. Then that led to me having to draw the Others' village in a valley down below with people gathered outside watching the plane crash, and Ben (their leader) ordering people around. Of course then I had to draw the beach and ocean on the other side of the page/island to really set the scene.

Suffice it to say, 30 minutes later our card had not been written and the prototype drawing had taken too far of left turn to be a suitable Fathers Day gift. So we instead whipped up some little message, which Dad enjoyed just the same. Perhaps next year one of my drawings will be included.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Ok, so exams are done.

First, Criminology, one went well. It was one of those exams that along with longer answers, and short answers wanted me to write multiple paragraph responses to a case and such. There were 8, and I had to write 5. Luckily, if they had wanted me to write all 8 answers I could have.

Then it was literally 2 full days of studying for Psych, which I didn't feel all that well prepared for. Crim was taking theories and applying them, Psych was memorizing facts and regurgitating, which, while once an aspiring actor, is not one of my strong suits. At least in acting you have something/someone to work off of.

Anyways, up at 7 this morning for my 9am exam, and I knew about 3/4s of the answers for the 100 question multiple choice exam, the rest I just guessed. Oh well, what are you gonna do.

So also turns out I didn't get too stressed out. Which is good. Once I got in there, it was just pure determination and focus trying to remember all I had learned. So woohoo!

Now it's just relaxing. Though went on a major body wrecking run afterwards just for fun, and health of course. Afterward went out and bought Gremlins 2 and the new Opeth album, Watershed, in its Special Edition form, which comes with the album, a DVD with a documentary, and 5.1 mix of the album. Imagine listening to this in surround sound, 'The Lotus Eater'. Heavenly for me. And yes, I like oh so many different musical genres. Oh, and here's 'Hours of Wealth' by them as well, a nice acoustic track that I have recorded but can't remember if I uploaded it or not...

Here's another great ballady track, since I'm sure people will like it more than their black metal tracks; 'Burden'

Well, now I need to figure out what to do with the rest of my summer. Get my G2 I suppose so I can drive around and perhaps visit people in Kingston and Toronto.

Upcoming plans are a trip to the Casino again, and cottaging at some point which I always really enjoy. It's so relaxing to just read, or swim, or boat, or lie around all day. And of course eat large hearty meals.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So tomorrow is my first post highschool exam. I've been studying like crazy recently and have memorized and am able to explain pretty much everything in my text book. Over prepared? Perhaps. But I wanted to do my absolute best on the thing I can manage, ie. the scholarly side of taking this exam.

The other side is of course the stress/anxiety side. But tonight I went down to the college, did a little tour, saw what was there, found my writing rooms, and after that was honestly a little excited to just see what's on the exam. I've gotten over the fact that I have to do perfect on the test, so my performance anxiety is way down. Just getting there, and doing it, and trying my hardest is really all I can ask for. A year ago, there's no way in hell I would have even signed up for a course, let alone taken an exam somewhere. So, I gotta look at the positives here.

So tomorrow, I'll probably study a little more, and then just kind of take is easy, and watch a movie or something. The exam is at 6:30, so unfortunately I'll have all day to think about it. But it'll be business as usual with running, weights, etc.

Then my next one is Saturday at 9am for Psych, which I haven't begun studying for at all. But given my history with psychological stuff, a lot of it comes naturally to me. Admittedly, as does some of the Crim stuff since I've been interested in the field since about '94 when I found out Fox Mulder worked in Behavioural Sciences (psychological profiling for criminals basically). After that, I told Mike I'd go back to the Casino with him as a celebration of sorts, so that'll be a fun end to all this school stuff.

Anyways, other then that, nothing really new. Watching some old favourite movies just to relax and such; I Heart Huckabees, and Gremlins most recently.

End of this week my friend Kate moves to Toronto for the summer. Not only does that suck big time (and my brother is going to Manitoba in July for the summer as well), but I'm booked up with all this school stuff, and only really available at nights. Oh well, at least she'll be back come September.

Other than that, things are going well I guess. Thankfully it's not too hot here and I'll be able to get a good nights sleep before my exam tomorrow. See how things turn around for me so quickly? God it drives me mad sometimes.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Politics and Life

I've refrained from making a political post on here since I don't want to rant, and proselytise (and yes I enjoy American politics) but I just want to say this;

What an absolute fuck-up of a concession speech from Clinton. I'm honestly appalled. I'm fine with her not admitting to 'losing' or anything of that nature, but to come out so defiant and continuing to cause devision within the party and almost bully your way into being VP is absolutely shameful.

And not only was it embarrassing, albeit sadly not surprising, it only stands out more when the winner of the nomination talks less about himself than she did. I understand he's in a more gracious mood, and she's vying for a new position, but this could have been her moment, in front of countless people to come out and support him, and so much more importantly, support the party. I understand that she wishes to outline her pros in terms of 'why Obama should pick me', but a night as historic as this, and not only for he, but for her too, do you not think it would be best to try and rally the party and America (as he did, oh so gracefully and magnanimously), instead of carrying on the same rhetorical BS that has split the Democratic party so divisively for the past year?

I think the worst part of it is at the end of the day it benefited no one. Clearly it has only made Clinton appear more stubborn and foolish. She has lost in every sense of the word, and yet here she is, making another speech about why she's the best candidate and still arguing her electability, and championing her successes. I'm sorry, but if you're more electable, how did you not secure the nomination from your own party? Obama and his people (and consequently the members of the DNC and the party who have been urging peace talks or at least relative peace between the candidates, while Clinton remained steadfast as the evidence of her impending defeat piled up, for months now) can't be happy either, for obvious reasons. Not only for stealing the spotlight from his success (in a fit of, as one CNN pundit put it 'deranged narcissism'), but as I said before, continuing to battle on when the fight is over.

I am all for both candidates, 100% absolutely. I am an Obama supporter, but I would without a doubt embrace Clinton with the same energy should he have lost. However, I am not for candidates who continue to champion democracy, while at the same time, plowing ahead against the wishes of the voters and their own party. Especially when the damage done is so deep.

Anyways, I could go on and on, but that's the gist of it.

So, the other night, went out with Kate to Alex's house to watch The Shining. Kate wanted a scary movie and unfortunately picked a pretty weak entry in the genre (yes I love Kubrick, but am only 50/50 on the film, since I love King more, though haven't seen his version), especially when compared to the rest of my selection. Oh well, next time will be scarier. I've also been sleeping less and less and doing more and more in a day, and I am so absolutely exhausted most days. BUt studying and school work is going well, so I guess that's a plus.