Monday, July 28, 2008

I Want to Believe

So tonight I went to the new X-Files film with the family tonight since they all know how much I love the show, and they enjoy it as well, though were less enthused about the film given reviews and whatnot, but I was totally psyched. I even wore my '94 XF shirt (picture soon!)

Anyways, I've been a fan since about '94 when the second season started, and I was....8. Yeah. Watched it fairly regularly up till season 8 and then stopped. But I've got tons of books, comics, magazines, posters, DVDs (all 9 seasons, plus some VHS tapes), and an action figure somewhere. But there was a major hiatus there between the shows end and my renewed interest. In fact it wasn't until about 2 or 3 years ago that I really got back into and purchased the seasons on DVD. Suffice it to say, it has always been my favourite show, but never so forefront in my watching schedule, but that's all changed now. Anyways, review. No real spoilers.

Overall it was actually pretty good. Better than I thought it would be (given reviews and gross), but much different. I was expecting a monster film but instead it was a bit of a Frankenstein tale. My opinion of the movie is a little skewed since I'm such a massive fanboy, but I think the fact that it was an X-Files film both hurt and helped it.

For starters, I wish not to get started on the balance between making something new and keeping true to something old or its marketing, since that was all fucked to hell. It's clear Fox and Co. wanted to attract new viewers, and keep old ones, so not a lot of talk about past events occurred kind of making old viewers scratch their heads or feel cheated, but if you didn't know who these people were, you wouldn't care one bit since there was no exposition. It was just a bad choice, and I think if it had been solely made for fans (and I'm not saying this in a jealous manner) it would have faired better.

The acting was good, with Duchovny improving leaps and bounds since his last turn as Mulder. Anderson was alright as Scully though she didn't do much more than cry, and her trademark eyebrow arch was nowhere to be seen :( The new people were great, Peet wasn't awkward like she usually is, Xzibit was restrained and Connolly was good as well, very sympathetic.

The story was good and had a real classic X-Files feel to it, though at times it didn't unfold all that interestingly. It was mostly a mystery right up until the end, and by then it was over. I would have liked to clearly have known the danger and what the team was up against, as in most classic XF episodes. Other than that it was fairly standard fair, with some good medical jargon and stuff, chase scenes, gore, 'scares' etc. There were also some unfortunate detours I'll touch on below, but it just wasn't shocking enough. It was interesting and 'real life' shocking, but not X-Files shocking. And I'm sure they're going for a more realistic approach since that's what's in these days, but still, something more shocking would have definitely helped.

I did not however enjoy Scullys side story about saving a sick child in the hospital where she works. I literally could not have cared less, and it had NOTHING to do with the main story line. It was just more of Scully and her crisis of faith vs. medicine. Like thanks, we only had that for all 9 seasons. It was just endless boring 'oh poor child, whatever shall I do to help you' discussions and scenes. Thank god it didn't end the way I thought it would though.

I honestly didn't mind the discussion of believing and whatnot as much as others did. While it wasn't mind blowing or revelatory, the all encompassing dialogue was handled much better than in the series finale 'The Truth'.

As I said earlier, it was both hurt and helped by its X-Files branding. On the one hand, I would not have liked it as much if it weren't Mulder and Scully, but at the same time, I was disappointed since I hold the series in such high regard and the film wasn't amazing.

In summation, it was not as good as the first movie, though that's to be expected since that came out when the show was at the top of its game. Though there are a number of XF episodes I will never watch again, and this was nowhere near that bad. Enjoyable, but different. I'll have to see it again knowing what to expect since I was literally in awe the entire time seeing Mulder and Scully up on the screen again. And a cameo appearance made me gasp out loud. Like a full on comical gasp, totally involuntary.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hero Squad Pt. 2

Breaking these posts up so it's not a big wall of text.

So last night was fairly exciting. In a fairly anticlimactic way, but what are you gonna do.

At around 8pm or so, Alex and I were cooking food on the BBQ and we heard this alarm going off, and I thought oh someones tripped their car alarm (I do it all the time accidentally) and it'll go off soon. Except it continued on for 20 minutes. FYI, I live in the country (though not farm country, just 10 minutes outside the actual Kanata) and there are about a dozen or so houses in our little community, all close-ish together (lots are two acres) in a loopy circle/rectangle. Anyways, so this damn things going off and I decide to go figure out what it is. So I walk a minute down the road and it turns out it's a neighbours house alarm. And I'm like damn, so I get a little closer and there are cars in the driveway, but those people have like 6 cars, so I guess it didn't mean anything. When turning around to go back home I run into an elderly neighbour and she's like 'oh whats that, it's been going on for a while' and im like 'yeah'. So we talk about it, and she's like 'well we did all we can, bye'. And I'm like, if something bad does happen and 'all I could do' was stand around and talk with someone about I'd feel like an ass, and a terrible neighbour/human being.

So I go back home and tell Alex we're going over there. And Alex is in the military, so now it's not just me, the skinny kid going to check it out. So we both head out and when there this car pulls up, turns out it's this guy who lives like 3km away and he could hear it and was concerned, so the three of us go up to the door, ring the doorbell, look inside, do a walk around the property looking for any illegal entries. But there's nothing. So I decide to, when I get back home, call the alarm company they're on. Turns out though, when talking to a representative that their account was disabled and I should call the police. So I do that report what it is, and they say they'll send someone over.

Then I have dinner and then Alex and I go back out to sit outside the house at around 9:30. By this time the alarms been going for about an hour now, and more neighbours are around, so we explain the situation to them and tell them we're going to sit watch in case a) someone comes out (unlikely but we've had a B&E once or twice in the past) or b) the owners or cops show up. We also do another sweep around the property with a flashlight and really look into the house, but can't see anything. At first we're like 'hey wait, was that light on before? No it wasn't was it! No ok maybe it was and we didn't see it since it was light out...'. Around 10 the alarm finally goes off. We sit another couple minutes and decide to go get coffe to think about what to do next and if we should just break in ourselves and check it out.

When we get back 10 minutes later the owners are home, they tell us the cops showed up and checked the place out, but it turned out it was a faulty motion sensor. Either it malfunctioned and saw something that wasn't there, or it died and the alarm thought it had been tampered with.

All in all a big 2+ hour event. The neighbour thanked Alex and I extensively for helping out (he's kinda old) and I told him like I said earlier here, I'd be a pretty shitty neighbour if I just sat there and did nothing.

Anyways that's all. Like I said, a pretty boring ending, but Alex and I were ready for anything. But you know, luckily for the guys who house it was, it turned out to be nothing.

Hero Squad Pt. 1

Mostly life related stuff;

Firstly , the folks have been away since Saturday. Friday night Mike had a party here which was supposed to be his friends from Queens and his friends from Kanata. Except, he only gave people a one week notice and so only two people showed up from Queens. But two of his best friends, and it probably worked out for the best since it meant separate Queens and Kanata groups couldn't be formed. We had a massive fireworks show after a BBQ and then people commenced drinking. I got too 'altered' for my own good but had a good time anyways. There was swimming and Alex's (my brothers best friend) fiance got drunk and started talking to me and this other guy about the female orgasm. And we just looked at each other and were like 'what?!' and laughed the whole time she talked. It was very um enlightening, but unecessary, and kinda weird.

Anyways, the days after I was wrecked and couldn't get a good nights sleep and so the wreckedness just continued but I'm all caught up on sleep now and feeling well.

Also, I received some marks back, and got 81 in Criminology. And an F in Psychology. Wait what? An F? Yeah. So I have no idea what the fuck happened there. The course was so poorly organized that I couldn't tell what I was supposed to do. I did all the mini-tests available to me, which must have been the assignments since they were the only available pieces to work on. And I certainly took the exam. So I have to call Algonquin and figure out what the hell is going on.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Post Muskoka

So not a whole lot new now, but it has been a couple weeks since the last update, so this is more of an 'I'm not dead, I swear' post.

Went to Muskoka to visit my Uncle and his partner with Mom and Dad for the Canada Day weekend. My brother was supposed to be in attendance but had to work, so it was just me and the old folks...I usually enjoy visiting my Uncle and Brian, as they're probably my favourite family members to see since they're so much fun, but it would have been nice to have someone my age around. It's not that 'I'm too old for this' but having the company of a fellow young adult and the chance to engage in younger activities and whatnot would probably have been less boring. I mean I'd probably do the same activities (boating, playing cards, reading, exercising) but with the added excitement of a non middle aged individual. You dig? Perhaps I'll have to invite someone up next time if Mike is unavailable, as he most likely will be.

Casino finally weekend after this, since Grandma is down now. My good friend Dave (whom I've known for quite a while now) is actually staying in Ottawa for the summer, so I'll see if he feels like making a trip out with us, since I haven't seen him in quite some time.

Also, after my failed Fathers Day card (see entry below) I pulled out my little art book and have been contemplating getting back into drawing. It seems like an impossible task since I'd probably have to revamp my drawing style (ie. I can't draw super heroes forever) and I'm not sure how my patience levels are doing these days, what with it being 100 fucking degrees out all the time. Anyways, looking over some of my stuff I at least feel somewhat encouraged, and since my guitar amp is broken and I'll have to get a new one, this may be a good way to fill time.

Guess that is all.