Friday, September 19, 2008

One Wish

This is basically one long train of thought from the other night at 11pm getting money at Mac's Milk and some crazy person was doing what looked like their entire personal finances for the last 2 years at the debit machine and left me looking at a rack of magazines.

You know what my current wish is? No? I wish that Playboy made a 'kid friendly' version of their magazine. One with just the articles and the jokes, and the advice columns and the shopping bits. If I wanted to fake looking, bleach blond, Stepford wives type women naked, I would simply google 'bimbo' and be satisfied with the image results it gave me.

I'll be damned if I haven't thoroughly enjoyed the Playboy Interview series of books, or for that matter, the number of articles I've seen posted online, or the full issue or two I've flipped through. Not to mention the interviews, articles, or short stories given by, and written by some of my favourite entertainment and otherwise figures, from Bill Maher to Stephen King. King has in fact, published, as I believe, an exclusive short story solely within the pages of Playboy.

Other so called mens magazines are nothing short of an embarassment. They lack class, decent articles are nothing by the lowest common demoninator in terms of entertainment and knowledgeable reads. Most egregiously in my opinon they try far too hard to be cool, edgy, and sexy and the 'hot women' contained in the pages are either more photoshopped than the girls within Playboy, or they straight up look like trannies. I'm sorry, I don't consider hyper sexualized gape jawed, soaking wet girls alluring. While Playboy's women are far from 'the norm', at least they pose with a bit of class, in a relative sense mind you.

Only slightly in jest, might I also add, that as a hypothetical future parent, and a current consumer, I'd much rather have my children read, or personally read, a magazine about politics, life, entertainment, with interviews and columns from societal elites and critics than the kind of lowbrow, dime a dozen, monkeys on typewriters crap printed in Maxim or FHM.

What this all boils down to is this. I would feel fairly awkward had I the absolute desire to purchase a Playboy magazine in store. I mean I would love to, and it's not that I'm too awkward around naked lady magzines, or real naked ladies either, it's that I cannot fathom how trash magazines like Maxim and FHM with their embarassingly inept articles get such little gruff when it seems like Playboy, which for all intents and purposes is basically TIME magazine, or Esquire with a couple nudie pictures thrown in, gets such a bad rap. Or at the very least, it's clear one is more frowned upon than the other. And sadly, the smarter of the two gets it the worst.

In summation, I would love to read Playboy. I love reading all types of magazines (trashy 'mens' mags nonwithstanding) but I really would feel awkward purchasing the aforementioned magazine in store and being looked at as some sort of perv. And it's not only that people would think that (and in reality sure it doesn't matter) but I would probably think that about myself. Thanks society for that. Yeah I'm buying what's basically porn, yeah I'm a male, let the stereotypes begin, sigh. Maybe one day I'll either learn to grow a pair, or Playboy will regain its status of Americas classiest and for the most part ok, nudie magazine.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Arriving Somewhere

Been a while I suppose, though to be frank not much is new.

Work continues to go well and I believe I'll start asking for some more hours. More yes, but longer? Maybe not, since what's longer than 8 hours I ask. Everything there continues to go well and they seem to be pleased with my work. I've also managed to memorize our hour long promo reel which includes quotes from such 'wonderful' hits like The Love Guru, and Made of Honour as well as some god-awful Barbie musical which drives me nuts every time it's on. I'm putting my foot down hypothetical future children, you will be watching quality shows like I did when I grew up, none of this painfully saccharine BS. We will watch stuff like Ninja Turtles and Batman The Animated Series, and Sesame Street. Or else you can find yourself a new dad. Got it? Good.

Also I'm feeling better anxiety wise. I don't get as anxious anymore with just normal stuff and the last time I was panicked was just before my first alone shift at the video store. When I got to the garage and got in the car to leave I was totally freaking out but I just told myself I couldn't back out of this as if I were taking a trip somewhere or going to a bar somewhere because this impacts more than just me. So I just sucked it up and did it. And since then I've been pretty good. A little stressed with things like; will this continue to go well for me, how long will I work for, can I juggle this and school? etc.

Guess that's all. Had a good talk with my friend Laurie the other day so I'm/we're trying to figure out a time to get together. Went to check out a friends new apartment which was cool, and it's a nice place. Was supposed to go down for Queen's uhhh party thing, what's it called people?!, but I didn't think it would be a good idea to ask for time off work in my second month. Also I'll go over my recorded guitar stuff tomorrow and post something. I had a song done where the tuning for the solo is different from the actual song, so I recorded them separate and am now trying to cut them together. It's not an easy task with Windows Movie Maker...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Flying Solo

So I just finished my first solo shift at the video store. It was from 10-4 (open to aft.) but I stayed till around 5 since it got ridiculously busy right as the owner showed up to take over. Not to mention I had to count my cash, etc.

The last two days of working there I've been keeping my eye on a certain previously viewed film, The Killer. If you don't know it, shame on you! Though go here to learn more. Basically it's an out of print John Woo film from '89 and copies are going for anywhere from $17-300 on the net. This one was $10, so I basically watched it all day willing people not to buy it. And when my shift ended I ran out and snatched it up. When I brought it up to buy, the owner Anthony (who's a great guy) basically had a fit once he realized we were selling it for so cheap. He blamed the unfortunate error on his wife who doesn't know the genre as well and saw it wasn't renting well so she threw it up for cheap. So score one for me. Also picked up The Office Season 4.

Work was also damn busy all day, and when I wasn't cataloguing stuff I was dealing with customers. I think the longest 'break' I had (basically when I wasn't in the middle of doing both things) was 2 minutes. Anthony also says that in the history of the store, 10 years, he's never had someone go a whole day without calling his cell for help before me. So woohoo! No errors. Well, technically I screwed up one their large movie storing drawers when I dropped stuff inside the cabinet and had to remove it, but he fixed that when he showed up.

So yeah, good day, and I work the same tomorrow.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Split Decision

So work continues to go well. Basically it's just weekends (including Friday) this month, which is a-ok with me as I get my footing and whatnot. I honestly love working there and really do look forward to each shift. It's still a little stressful what with the retarded DOS commands I have to memorize and their weird way of dealing with late fees and customer accounts etc. But all in all it's great. Have not yet asked about discounts but will soon. Basically all I want is free new releases, and like 1-2 nights. I feel like it would be in my best interest to watch new releases (even though from trailers you can get the jist) so I can answer questions when people ask. But I'm sorry, I'm not paying $6 to watch 'What Happens in Vegas', I mean my god people.

I also recommended we make a 'so and so's recommendations' board as a way of pushing low rental films, or catalogue (ie. 7 day) rentals. This will also be a good conversation starter possibly and if not hopefully some people (ie. smart people :P) will be interested in my recommendations. Sadly, since we're small we don't have every film every made, like the original King Kong, one of my faovurite films. But they've got Boogie Nights, Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire, Army of Darkness, Sunshine, Manhattan, The Fountain and Californication (Tv) as a start. Fuck kids movies is what I say. Well I might throw Enchanted on there actually.....

Other things in life are good. Had a happy dream/consequently sad in real life moment today, which was a pain to start out my day, but whatever. Fuck it. And fuck the individual if that's how they want to act. But really I don't mean that...:(

My webcam is also on the fritz so I'm not sure when new guitar vids will come. I have some recorded but I'm not a fan of them. During playback there's wicked crackling in the audio and it kinda kills everything. Might do Jessica by The Allman Brothers Band since there's no gain required.....Maybe with my new money I'll buy another cam, after picking up the Twin Peaks Gold Box and Batman The Animated Series Complete Collection that is.

Started watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia after Laura (I think) suggested it. It's great so far. Only on the third episode. Sadly it's not as witty and wacky as Arrested Development, or as offensive as The Sarah Silverman Program so it feels lacking, but it's great nonetheless and I'm sure it'll pick up as it goes along since I can't swing a fist without hitting someone whos recommended this show.

Realized I labelled a film I bought a while ago as 'Touch AND Evil' intead of 'Touch OF Evil'. Whoops.....