Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bridge of Sighs

Don't really have much to say today, but things are going well for the most part.

Tomorrow I'm headed out to Carleton University to meet with their SASC rep to talk about the Specialty Student program. It's a program where you can take a couple of courses without being in a program, which will be a good start for me.

Spending a bunch of time with Chelsea lately, which is of course a good thing.

My work hours have been cut for good. Aside from the fact that I only had a handful of shifts scheduled until the store closes on the 30th, there have been a couple (3) robberies of stores in the same strip mall, and Anthony and Val are taking precautions by doubling up on people working (which, is usually just the two of them) and so because a) the store is becoming ridiculously busy with the closing, and b) they don't want to be put me in the store with the risk of me being robbed and/or harmed, my hours have been suspended.

It's not a huge deal as it was only a couple more hours (ie. not a lot of money) and this job was more about experience than money for me anyways. Not to mention at least they're looking out for my safety. I'm also glad that I bought all my Christmas gifts months ago. Phew.

Today I showed Chelsea Dr Horrible as well. She's a big musical and romance lover, so I told her I had a musical romance thing to show her. She loved it all the way through and thought it was great, and of course kept asking me if Dr Horrible and Penny would get together, and seemed rather excited at the prospect. Unfortunately, for her, when the end came she was literally teary eyed and flabbergasted. She was like 'no! that can't be it, is there stuff after the credits?'

She said she still enjoyed it, but that she should have known something was up when I suggested we watch something in that genre.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Feist Pics

I have a ton of photos, but these are the best.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


OK so, much has happened, well, sort of, so I will update.

Had 'the talk' with Chelsea the other day. I won't go into the details of why or how or what was said but I'll just say that it went better than I ever could have imagined. Things are definitely continuing to improve in ways that I thought they wouldn't. I am both excited and scared. Sadly my 'waiting for the bottom to fall out' mindset occasionally kicks in, but I'm trying to ignore it.

Last Thursdays trip to Kingston was alright. We were under the impression the swearing in would happen at 9, but it didn't start till 11 so there was much waiting around, and we didn't get home till 1:30am. Still have yet to see Zack and Miri but Chelsea and I have spent time together anyways. Plans just keep getting shifted around.

Monday at around 12pm I drove down to Toronto with Mom to the Feist concert. We arrived at the Air Canada Centre at 6:30 and waited outside in line, for an hour before being let in. We were also the second group of people in line, so we had choice space in the General Admissions area. The opening group Hayden was pretty rad (listening to some of their stuff now) and Feist didn't come on till around 9 or so. Her show was 2 hours and it was absolutely amazing.

I was expecting somber type stuff given her albums, and there were some somber, slower songs, but all the songs with any sort of upbeat tempo were turned into absolute rockers. It was crazy awesome. I've got a ton of photos, some from close, some from not close, depending on where I was standing, and I'll post the best. Given my camera's a Walmart >$100 piece of crap, they aren't bad. Though should I attend more concerts in the future, I'll take my dad's fancy one.

Drove back home on the 4th in time for dinner and election coverage. Chelsea came over to enjoy both, and afterwards we hung out and chatted and such.

Unfortunately the one gift I was hoping to receive (Batman the Complete Animated Series) has for whatever reason, not shipped to Futureshop, or even become available on the website, even though it's release is set for the 4th and is available on the Amazon website. So I'm basically just waiting on that.

Also the election. FUCKING AWESOME! That is all.

I've got three more shifts at work left, and tomorrow I'm going to find some courses to start taking this January.