Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blue Sky

Sooo lazy. I know I should be updating this, even if there's nothing to say, at least to just mention something/keep things alive.

Christmas is soon, which is great. I’ll get to see the family, which is always nice, and I’ll have a nice relaxing week away from home. I don’t really want anything though, just a connector for my new TV so my Xbox will be in HD and I can play Fable 2 looking all pretty again. Oh and the Batman Vampire comic book stuff. Batman and gothic horror. What could be more awesome. Hopefully I’ll get some money too so I can pay off all these gifts I’ve been buying. $70 alone on Chelsea. Yikes. I’d mention what it is, but I don’t know if she knows about my blog (I hope not considering all the bitching I occasionally do…) so for now it’s a close guarded secret.

I’m also enrolled at Carleton so starting Jan. 5 I’ll be taking a Poli Sci and an Intro to Psych course, which I am so NOT psyched about. But I suppose I’ll manage, somehow. I’ll only have classes three days a week, the longest day being 3 hours. Which is clearly manageable.

Also, The Guild Season 2 is awesome, Dracula is my new favourite book, and Chelsea is teaching me how to dance.