Monday, June 1, 2009

Wow, so its been a while since I last update. And yet I have nothing to say either.

Been on a bit of Star Trek binge lately. Purchased Wrath of Khan at CD Warehouse for $6 and left satisfied. However, after coming home and going to bookmark the rest of the films for later purchase on Amazon, I realized they are now all out of print. So of course I had to go out and get films 3-6. Sadly the only one they didn't have (or maybe not since it's so boring....) is the first, but I've put my name down on their 'alert me if this movie comes in' list.

Also saw the newest entry, which was surprisingly more campy than I thought it would be. But it was still great. Some of the humour was obvious and awful, and the lens flares drove me absolutely crazy. Also, why the fuck is Spock in a sexual relationship? Honestly now. I'm not a Star Trek expert, and in fact I only like the original series/cast, but has this ever happened before? It seems like it's breaking all sorts of previously unexplored (for a reason) ground.

Also purchased Hamelt 2, which everyone should watch ASAP, and the out of print Army of Darkness with the making of feature on the disc. Woo!

Wednesday also happens to be Chelsea's birthday and we will be going to see Drag Me to Hell, which while I've heard is awesome, I'm still skeptical of since Raimi turned crappy, ummm roughly 15 years ago.

Currently reading The Terror. During the mid 1800s and shipwrecked uhhh ship looking for the Northwest Passage begins to be attacked by a msyterious creature/force from out on the ice. It's long, slow moving, but really well reviewed. So far it's great, but definitely a little in the vein of Stephen King where it gets a little wandering at times. However it's different (at least time frame wise) from my usual reads and it's definitely creepy.

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