Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Been busy, hence lack of updates.

From the end of June to early July, I was away with Chelsea and the fam visiting people from here to Muskoka. We stopped in Kingston, Trenton, Horshoe Valley and finally arrived in Muskoka where we spent the majority of our time. Everything was really great, and she absolutely loved it. Which of course is a plus.

I'm all signed up for Carleton in the Fall. I'm in the Criminology and Criminal Justice program and I've got three courses this fall, and four this winter. And I'll probably take one next summer.

And on to the main event.

This past weekend my friend Alex and I built a DVD shelving unit. Some of you may remember a while back I posted my pictures of my DVD collection. While I had initially used some space on my bookshelf I eventually ran out of room and had been storing the rest in neat rows on the floor. Sure they were organized but they were still on the floor. I had looked into buying a unit, but they were $400+ so I said fuck it. I printed out some designs given to me by the various websites and gave them to my buddy Alex and asked if he could build it. He said yes and so our journey began.

And by journey I mean trip to Home Depot where we spent $174 on wood. The whole thing took us about 10 hours or so to build. Also the wood was warped which made things tricky. Alex also accidentally cut through the wire of our old circular saw while using it, and then almost got himself electrocuted later on.

This is the finished product. It has space for 648 traditionally sized DVDs (ie. the normal snap case ones) but as you can see I have oddly shaped ones, and many TV sets. So on the shelves are 386 items, or roughly that since I have a couple lent to my friend Phil. Anyways, the smaller shelves on the top and bottom are to compensate for left over space, and to hold the more oddly shaped or delicate items. And the shelves are staggered to allow for the fact that the clips were too big to allow for them to be back to back with one another on the columns. It also stands just over 5 feet tall.

Alex says he wants to stain the thing, but I think it looks great, so I may just do a clear coat. This is not the final resting place for the unit since it's just been left where we built it, ie. in the middle of the floor in my basement.

I think it looks pretty bitchin.


Jenn Jilks said...

Nothing better than My Muskoka, except maybe Ottawa-Carleton! My son and son-in-law attended. Both now gainfully employed!

RedHeadedDesigner said...

holy shit that dvd cabinet is fucking awesome!!!!! awesome job dude!

gord said...

Did I just get blog comment spammed...?

And thanks Laura, yeah it looks really sick. It turned out much better looking than we thought.

Sadly though, I now have a half empty bookshelf. And to be honest it makes me sad that I for some reason have so few books even though I a) love them, and b) have read tons. I just have no idea where they've all disappeared to.