Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Job Interview and Musical Selections

So the crisis is over. Thanks to those who offered advice.

This weekend Mike was down to help plan our parents Anniversary which is on the 15th. It'll be a big fun party, and Chelsea and I are playing and singing, respectively, The Rose by Bette Midler, and Mike and I will be giving speeches. Currently I have no idea what I'm going to write about.

A couple of weeks ago during my weekly visit to CD Warehouse, one of the staffers I know well came up to me and told me they were hiring and that they weren't interested in looking through tons of resumes so I should bring one in and give it to him. I told him I'd handed one earlier in the summer, so we looked for it and found it and he told me he'd do what he could with it. So on Monday I got a call for an interview for Tuesday at 5.

Yesterday was the interview and it went really well. I was fairly nervous going in, as I tend to get, especially since I wasn't too familiar with the person who would be interviewing me. But he was really friendly and a cool seeming guy, and everything went great. I don't think there were any answers that stumped me and I made sure to stress my interest in films (since they've got about 1/3 of the store dedicated to them) and my interest in popular music, but also blues and jazz. I also made sure to mention I ran Movie Experts by myself, and took initiative there with a couple of projects.

So basically I'm just waiting for a call back now. On the plus side it really couldn't have gone better and we had a great report, but you never know with these things really.

If I get the job, it'll mean I'm doing school and work part time, which is a first, and hell a large course load is also a first (3 in the fall, 4 in the winter), but if other people can do it so can I. And I do miss working and CD Warehouse is pretty much the perfect place for me.

I'll report back when I hear from them, which is hopefully soon.

I've also been listening to some old music I found here are some of my fave nostalgic tracks/bands;

The Darkness - Hazel Eyes
Ben Harper
Big Sugar
Brian Bromberg - September (a jazz instrumental of the Earth Wind and Fire song)
80s Bowie
Silvertide - California Rain
Spirit of the West
Spacehog - In the Meantime

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