Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Holy Shits

So yeah. It's been like a month since my last post. Sorry ya'll. I've been so damned busy, and I'm not even confident that I'm up to date on things with school. Ugh.

But things are good. Well, actually I'm just getting over a brutal cold/flu thing which had me miss work and school for a couple days. But on the plus side I got to play some Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, watch some Buffy, and not die during the downtime.

Work continues to be awesome. There isn't a single thing I'd complain about in fact. I was working 5 days a week and going to school 2 for a while, which was kind of bananas, but when I told the management I'd like to change down to 3-4 shifts a week, they were cool with it. This past weekend we did cosmic bowling as a large, CD Warehouse Ottawa event. Sure there are only 3 stores, and the event was like 80% people from the Kanata store, but whatevs. It was a blast, and I'll post some pics I stole from someones Facebook at the bottom. Afterwards a couple of my good friends/employees and I went to hang out for a while, which was also great. Yay new friends.

School is going alright I suppose. Though I seriously lack drive. I honestly can't tell what the problem is either. I don't know if it's because it's just not interesting material (it is all first year background, general info after all), or if it's because I have more interesting things to do as well (ie. work), or if it's because I have so much to do (work and 3 courses is a lot for me, having done NOTHING the last 3 years) that I can't fully focus on it. Suffice it to say, I feel like I'm falling behind, but I realize that whatever the reason for that is, I need to just suck it up and do some serious reading/studying.

Everything else is great too. Chelsea and I had our one year anniversary dinner the other night which was good. Mike and his GF are coming down for Thanksgiving. And yeah, that's about it. Here are some pics, and a video I recorded not too long ago. I'm trying out the slide (a almost finger lengthed solid object, either made of brass or glass usually) these days. Earlier on, I was at a loss for things to learn, so I picked my favourite slide song, Statesboro Blues, recorded by the Allman Brothers. Thing is, Duane Allman (now deceased unfortunately) is probably in the top 5 best slide players ever. So, not the best place to start, but I figured why not. Most of the video is alright, minus the final high section of the solo which is brutal. The frets are so damned tiny down there, that any minute movement of the slide on the strings changes the pitch fairly drastically, and I can never seem to get it to sound perfect (plus I legitimately hit a wrong note or two), so for now you can hear this butchered version. My apologies to Duane. Also, I'll be re-doing it soon so I can splice in the second solo, which is a differently tuned guitar, and not on the slide. It's what I learned first, but it's a pain to edit these videos (using windows movie maker that is) so I left it for when I have more time.

So this is me, and some team mates, and I am currently eating pizza in the shot.

Here is my perfect bowling form.

And here we are getting ready to leave. The tall gentlemen and the brunette beside him are the people I hung out with afterwards. And yes, some people may or may not have been drinking, and that may or may not have turned things into a dance and sing party/bowling session.

Video Time

EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just realized the audio and video is ridiculously out of sync on this thing. It looks fine on my computer, but brutal here. I'll try and fix it tomorrow. Feel free to watch the video anyways and listen to the audio I guess. If anything I'll upload it to photobucket and maybe that'll fix things. Stupid blogger.

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