Sunday, January 11, 2009


So, school this week was surprisingly very fucking awesome.

I unfortunately only made it to one class of three (I had the worst cold ever having come down from that food poisoning), but I was there most of the day and it was just such a blast.

Sure I didn't get into the actual 'school' parts of it as the class was just an intro, but I got to walk around campus and do some self tours, and whatnot. I admit that the best part was just being out and about with other people. I was also in the 10th percentile of people using a binder to take notes with, so a laptop was promptly ordered.

The only thing that kills me about the whole thing is the wake up time. Waking up at 6am to get to an 8:30 class is just not fun. The whole bus strike thing is unfortunately spilling over into my world, and being in stop and go traffic for an hour was not fun. Hopefully I'll continue to stay motivated to go class. I mean, on the one hand, I have no tutorial in the class so it's just a lecture which I could easily get from the book/the lecture notes online. But I do only have one early morning class (twice a week) and how fucking pathetic would it be if I couldn't even make it to that?

Politics is something I can't speak on since I missed that class, but it was just the intro class where it's like buy this book, which I now must do after finding out what it is...

Anyways, went on a major shopping trip yesterday. Chelsea and I went through my Cd and DVD collection last week picking out the crap which I promptly sold at CD Warehouse for $37. So we thought it'd be a good idea to then reinvest that money back into the store and I bought some good stuff. Including The Fly, Demons, Scarecrows, Scoop and others.

The jewel of the collection (ok so the best movie was The Fly) is this '84 film called Savage Streets, starring a post-Exorcist Linda Blair. It is the trashiest, most awesome movie ever. Naked girls shower room fights, tons of swearing, awful, awful dialogue, some of the worst over acting I've ever seen, cliches abound, archetypal characters, an 80s metal soundtrack, and a good 'girl gets revenge on gang who rapes sister and kills best friend' story. Chelsea and I loved it.

Here's a quality clip

Also, picked up Seasons 2-5 of Six Feet Under for $20 each at Futureshop during their boxing week thing.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Almost Thompson-esque

So I went to the doctor today, which by the way was a 5 minute appointment with a 2 hour total wait time..., for some pills to help me relax into school. I don't need them for everything, but some things, like say returning to school after a 4 year absence, require extra help.

The doctor, an older Indian gent who was new to me, and I had a nice chat about why I needed them, how I took them, their side effects etc. and then I was promptly talked to at length about the current socio-political scene in America and how messed up it is and what websites and books best undermine the current government in power, and how North America has a massive self censorship problem and if I want the real truth, I should seek the outside sources mentioned above. This was all after I briefly mentioned I would be taking political science in school...

Also, my usual dose of Valium is 30 pills. That usually does me for quite a while.

This time, I was given 100.


What the fuck am I going to do with 100 Valium tablets?

Thursday, January 1, 2009


So it's been a while, but I've been busy/away.

School starts on Monday and I'm super nervous, or at least, know I'll be super nervous on the day. I was going to get to see my doctor to get some Valium to take the edge off, but I'm cutting it damn close and don't know if I'll be able to make it in before I start. Oh well, I'm sure I can do it without. Hopefully.

Now on to more exciting stuff.

Mike came home from Queens on the 18th and on the 19th had a party here. I was going to be getting together with Chelsea that day and she wanted to meet him so I had her over here. The night was for the most part fine and she and I just hung out together, and at various times throughout the night with Mike and his friends too. At around 12 or so I mentioned we should probably think about getting her home since she had to work early the next morning and it was going to be a busy and long day. She agreed so we headed downstairs, except once there she said she wanted to have a drink with Mike (she was fairly worried about fitting in and having him like her) and I said that might not be a good idea (since she's not a drinker and has only been drunk 1 other time in her life), and that she didn't have to, but she insisted and since she's a big girl I said ok, go ahead. Anyways, Mike was drinking Rum and other stuff so it's what he gave her. He also then started giving her Vodka, and she pounded back two drinks worth. Like, right quick pounded back. Add to this that she she's 104 pounds, 5 "4 and had been working all day with nary a thing to eat and she was soon rather tipzy. For her final drink Mike, being drunk himself, forgot if he had added alcohol or not so he just added more (unbeknownst to me at the time) and Chelsea only drank half of it.

10 minutes later she was completely drunk. Like can't stand up, can't finish sentences drunk. It was both funny, but awful. So over the next hour or so, I tried to sober her up by giving her toast and water and having her lie down, but she wouldn't have much of it. Many funny drunk things were said, but around 1 or so I convinced her that it would be best if she went home and slept it off in her own bed.

Suffice it to say she called in sick the next morning, but when I called around noon she was feeling much better. It was definitely a story and a half, and a good I told you so moment. Drinking with university kids when you're not a drinker yourself is never a good idea.

Anyways, went to Toronto on the 23rd and the two days there were fun and all that. I'll skip over it all since nothing interesting happened. I got some clothes, money, 30 Rock season 2.

We then headed up to Muskoka for what was to be a three day trip on the 26th. The first day there was fun, I had a good sleep (on btw I hadn't slept well since the 22nd) and we just bummed around and unwound. The following night we tried a new fish recipe for dinner and that night Mike, Dad and I came down with rather severe food poisoning. I spent two days doing nothing but lying in bed trying not to die and vomiting every so often. Also, that morning a tree fell on my uncles cottage destroying his car, knocking out our power for two days, and it also sent a large chunk through their roof in two places, almost crushing Mike in his sleep.

So instead we spent 4 days in Muskoka recovering. It was absolutely hellish and I'm still recovering now from the lack of food, water, sleep and comfort.

And that was my holiday.

Spent New Years with Chelsea, and for Christmas she got me this absolutely amazing X-Files book that covers all 9 seasons and 2 movies with interviews, behind the scenes info, and tons of photos from all 9 years. It's literally the most classy book I've ever seen.