Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gun Slingin

So things have been good recently.

I've been working my ass off on this damned Zimbabwe paper, which frankly, I don't think is going to turn out all that well. I mean it's alright, but for a first paper, it's obvious it's a first paper. My ideas are all over the place, and I'm trying to do/prove too much, when I don't need to. You'd think that knowing this I'd be able to change it, but nope. Can't.

Anyways, just finished Sukiyaki Western Django which was actually pretty badass. It seemed crazy short however... My only complaint is that having Japanese as a first language individuals speaking English isn't really the best of ideas. Some of the actors in the film were easy to understand, but once you got to people trying to emote, usually at the most crucial of scenes it was just like 'what?' Oh well, definitely one to see again, plus I just love Westerns for some reason. And a Samurai/Asian influenced Western? Perfect.

Also, I've got Chelsea playing and addicted to RE5 now. I decided to take the infinite ammo I acheived (since she can't access my save info in her own profile and take advantage of it) instead of giving it to her. This way, I'm able to blast away at anything for as long as need be to help her out. And she basically has infinite ammo given she collects it all as I don't need it for most weapons. It's occasionally tough trying to teach her how to play the game, and it is a fast/difficult game to get into as a beginner, while also teaching her gaming-101 like watching your angles, checking your ammo, when to use specific weapons, etc. But overall it's going really well, and not as an insult, but she's still a hell of a lot better than the AI character.

Tonight I met most of Chelsea's family as well. It was her grandpa's birthday, and I was invited so I decided why not go. It was Chelsea, her mom, sister, sisters boyfriend, two grandparents, one aunt and a cousin. It was actually really fun. It seems her sister/her boyfriend and I really have a lot in common, which is great, and the rest of the family seemed to like me as well. So, I think all major bases have been covered now.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Evil Dead: The Musical ?

So in short, the show was great.

We (Chelsea and I) got to the theater about a half hour early, picked up our reserve tickets and proceeded to enter the longest lineup for anything ever. It was ridiculous. Luckily though when we finally got into the theater seating was still good so we sat up at the front.

Now I haven't seen the original version, (damn you lucky Toronto and New York folks), but I thought this one was surprisingly well done. Not as bloody as I've been led to believe the original is, but it had it's fair share of gore (just no Splash Zone area). The sets were really done, as were the costumes and effects. It was actually fairly similar to the original film in that it managed to do a lot with a little.

The acting and singing was all top notch as was the comedy. It was actually much more funny than I thought it would be. Much more self-referential and vulgar. The audience was also great, and it was clear it was made up mostly of huge Evil Dead fans since the laughs were often high at the most subtlest of references. People also yelled things out and shouted along to all the biggest lines (ie. Ash's trademark quips and speeches).

My only quibble is I'm not sure how memorable and overall listenable the songs are, outside the show that is. During the show they were great, and I was tapping along, but I don't think I would ever purchase the official soundtrack and listen to it outside of watching the musical. As an opposite example, I think the soundtrack from Hedwig is something that really transcends the show and can be enjoyable at anytime.

Anywhosit, that's about it really. I really enjoyed the whole thing, and I'm not sure there's anything negative I could say about it. It was just so fun to see something you love well done in another medium. It struck the perfect balance between new stuff, bits of dialogue and scenarios from the films, and humorous self-referential material. I also bought buttons as a souvenir.

In other Zombie news,

I slugged my way through RE5 this week. Managed to beat it and get some nice trinkets. Sadly it was on SP. I played for about an hour on MP with this guy 'I know' from a forum I visit, which was awesome, but sadly I know no one else who has the game:( Because holy crap is Sheva retarded. I'll be trying to conserve ammo, as it's important to do in all RE games, and while I'm carefully placing head and knee shots and then using my knife to finish people off, she's blasting away at everything that moves with her most powerful weapons, even at the people on the ground I'm currently knifing. And I'm like 'BITCH SAVE THAT SHIT FOR THE BOSS FIGHTS!' Oh well.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

School and Books

So, after my last post I meant to make one of more substance, but I kinda forgot...

Anywhosit, things have been good. I've done three midterms so far, 100 on my first Psych one, 78 on my Poli Sci, and a 90 on my second Psych one. I may have inadvertently set the bar too high. Also, my politics paper which was originally going to be on the film Metropolis (and the outline being due next Thursday), is now going to be on post-colonial Zimbabwe. So yeah...

Also, Evil Dead the Musical is coming to Carleton, which I'm very excited about and can't wait to go see.

Honestly, that's basically it, I haven't been up to much of anything lately. Ummm Watchmen is out tomorrow, I'm excited for that...I even looked for a guitar video to throw up since this post is so devoid of substance.

I'm also looking for a new book to read. Any suggestions? Laura I know you're a Neil Gaiman fan (right...?), anything from him you recommend, or someone else?

I finished Dracula a couple days ago, and boy was it disappointing. I mean sure it was written like over 100 years ago, but still. The beginning was so awesome, but as soon as the scene shifted from Transylvania to London the book really went down hill. Out the window went all the cool gothic horror stuff and instead the book became a group of people sitting around planning how they were going to take down Dracula and then crying any time one of them expressed how glad they were they were all friends. It turned into a book I just had to finish because I felt obliged to finish a classic instead of reading something I actually enjoyed. I'd finish Haunting of Hill House, but honestly, it's just too scary to read at night before bed.