Monday, April 27, 2009

So life has been crazy here up until a couple weeks ago.

Rushing to get my paper finished, and then study for exam, and then not neglect other more fun things in life.

My politics paper turned out pretty good (for a first paper anyways), and my mark was an 80 which some people would say is decent. Also, my new passion in life is African history. I just love the stuff. For those who don't know I was born in Kenya, so I've been surrounded by African things (and at one time, African itself) my whole life, but just wasn't that deep into the history of it all, or the political research, and the 'hey maybe I can do something with this in school' angle. I'm now reading a number of books on the subject, and have a dozen or so more queued. You can also minor in it at Carleton.

My first exam, Poli Sci went really well I think. It was about 1/2 the same as a practice exam I did, luckily the essay part too, and the second essay I had to write allowed me to use my term paper as an answer, basically. It was critique one of the peoples contribution to the course material, which is something I did in my essay, so I just kind of re-wrote that, with elaborations and shortenings where necessary. So I either really aced the exam, or completely missed the point of both essays in my excitement at thinking I knew what I was doing.

As it was an evening exam, Chelsea accompanied me for moral support. Which was really a 20 minute car ride, two hours of waiting, and then another 20 minute car ride. But she insisted on it, so who am I to say no.

My second exam, Psych, also went really well. It was an early morning one, which was nice to get over with. During it it went well, though the prof loaded it up with info that wasn't in her review of the course, so thanks for that. All the same, I got an 82 and so my final mark in the course is a 90.

I'm still waiting for marks back for my Poli Sci exam.

So now it's job hunt time, and I've handed in resume's to CD Warehouse and Blockbuster, though while I do love CD Warehouse more, as in I'm there more, I'd really like the job at BB, but beggars can't be choosers and I may get neither. I'm going to take some more around other places this week. Especially since I bought tickets to Aerosmith for September, and they're $120.

Also, bought Suspiria this weekend after falling in love with Tenebre (which Chelsea and I saw recently, btw that trailer is far too long), the connection being both were written and directed by Dario Argento. While I didn't absolutely love Suspiria the first time I saw it, I'm really dying to watch it again. It's not that I wasn't mature enough to handle a movie that wasn't 'normal' when I first saw it, it's just I think I was really thrown off by its placement of feel and look over actual narrative coherence. Tenebre was a nice mixture of both art and entertainment, and Chelsea and I are now on a mission to check out more from Argento.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So as I sit here, procrastinating vis-a-vis exam studying, and wait for the alarm guys come to fix our alarm (it keeps going off in the middle of the night for no reason) I figured I'd update.

Life is decent. Well overall anyways. Right now life is fucking stressful with exams and whatnot. My first is on Saturday, and my second on Tuesday. I'm not stressed that much for the latter one, as it's Psych and should be easy, but the Poli Sci one on Saturday is freaking me out a little. At my brothers suggestion I thought I'd go to Carleton's exam bank and do some past exams just to prep, turns out, we don't have one. Or at least none that I can find. I did find something called IEEE which might be what I want, but it takes a month to register according to the site. Which is just fucking great/awful.

Oh well, I guess if I managed on the midterms without crazy practice like that, I should be fine on these ones. Hopefully anyways.

Also, beat RE5 with Chelsea, and it all went well aside from one or two little moments where I perhaps overly criticized her. Though as if telling someone to stop wasting all their ammo is a criticism. I mean it's a valid concern, especially in an RE game. Have also had incredible cravings as of late to begin new games in FF9, 7 and 10. If only I had 200+ hours to spare on them....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Watching Watchmen

So, Chelsea and I finally got around to going to the theater this weekend. Obviously to see Watchmen. I'll list my likes and dislikes for the film in point form for easy reading.

-Malin Akerman, holy fuck she was awful. Any scene that required any real emotion was terrible, I speak specifically of the bedroom scene with multiple Manhattans and the Mars scene.
-the new ending. I don't love the original squid ending, but at least it makes sense, in a crazy weird kind of way. I still don't get why the world would band together with the US though when they created Manhattan. Sure he's now off and disappeared, but still it is American's fault in the end.
-I miss the Ozy wrap up scene from the comic. He is far too much of an archetypal villain in the film, and in the comic his end "I have regrets" scene with Manhattan before he leaves is a really great humanizing moment where Ozy wonders if he's done the right thing.
-I still don't like the post Watchmen wrap up scenes, ie. the Jupiter reconciliation scene, and the newspaper office scene (which was hilarious in the film because the place had never previously been mentioned). It just seems like a trite ending to such a complex, and honestly haphazard tale. It's just beyond bizarre, and yes, even with the bonkers deaths of millions of people, kind of anticlimactic.
-great CGI
-great (new I might add) fight scenes, with some non-painful slow-mo
-it was too short, which I'm sure many people familiar with the graphic novel would complain about. I just couldn't believe that 3 hours had passed when the film finished.
-Patrick as Dan was brilliant, as was Jackie Earl Haley as Rorschach
-mostly awful music choices
-ill fitting love scenes, though the fumbly one was funny and great

Those are my thoughts on the film, and although mostly negative, I still loved the movie. I'd give it an 8/10, and will most likely buy all the DVD releases (theatrical cut, directors cut, directors cut with inserted Black Freighter and Under the Hood material)

For fans of Watchmen and Kevin Smith (and I know there are at least two of you here), head over to the following link to hear him go over the film in extreme detail (2 hours or so) with the guys over at SlashFilm, the greatest movie site ever.